Spider S1 Sport Mini Till A-B ponny.

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Spider S1 Sport Mini For A-B pony. Light Spider

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Spider S1 Sport Mini For A-B pony

The Spider S1 Sport Mini is based on the same chassis as the Marathon carriage 207 Micro.

This means that the spider is light and smooth in the racing and with the same V-front carriage as Micron, or the short front carriage as the 212nd, the horse does not experience any major difference between the carriages and this improves safety both for the coahman and the horse.


  • V- front or short front
  • Disc brakes at the rear
  • Rubber torsion = separate wheel suspension
  • Hydraulic brake in the 5th wheel with pedal
  • Removable seat
  • Swingle tree
  • Gigg shafts or Ring shafts
  • Hard rubber wheels

Weight: From 110 kg + shafts

Color: Almost all RAL colors

36/5000 Rear track width 138 cm and front 130 cm

Spider S2 is available in various versions and can be equipped with:

  • Front for pair
  • Extra Gigg shafts
  • Hydraulic brake in the 5th wheel
  • Extra Ring shafts
  • Extra shafts attachment
  • Work harness shafts
  • Shafts with stainless steel ring
  • T-pool

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