1. Introduction
This is the central data protection policy for tidaholmsvagnar.se and for the services provided through this website, Tidaholmsvagnar Acklinga Gård with organization number 700325-5994.

We use information that we collect about our customers and users for four main reasons:

  • to conduct our business, fulfill legal obligations and to provide (including improve and customize) the services and products we provide
  • to provide personalized services uniquely tailored to individual users
  • to send communications, including campaigns to our users
  • to promote services and display advertising, in our own services and websites supported by advertising

For these reasons, we combine data that we collect to give you a smoother, more consistent and personalized experience. To improve the protection of your privacy, we have taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures.

Read more about how we use personal data, how it affects your privacy and how you safeguard your rights by reading on below.

2. Personal data we collect
We collect information to make our services work efficiently and give you the best possible experience. You provide some of this information directly, for example when you create an account on our e-commerce site, manage your user account, buy a product in one of our channels, sign up for an event and register as a user, sign up for a newsletter, or contact us for support. We obtain some of the information by registering how you interact with our services and products, for example through the use of technology such as cookies on our website.

We may also collect information from third parties. Information obtained from third parties is protected by the methods described in this policy and any additional restrictions that apply to the source of the information. Such third-party sources may vary over time but may include:

  • Social networks
  • Partners we partner with to offer services or participate in joint marketing activities
  • Publicly available sources, such as open government databases or other data available to the public

334/5000 You can make choices about the information we collect. When asked to provide personal information, you may choose to decline. However, if you choose not to provide information that is necessary to access a product, service or feature, you may not be able to use that specific product or feature.

The information we collect depends on the context of your interactions with Tidaholmswagen, your choices, including your privacy settings in eg your browser, and the products and features you use. The data we collect may include the following:

  • We collect your first and last name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, delivery details and other similar contact details
  • We collect social security numbers and other similar security information used for authentication and account access
  • We collect information about you, such as age, gender, country and language setting
  • We collect the necessary information to process your payment in the event of any purchases, including the payment method number (for example, credit card number) and associated security code
  • We collect information about your purchases, subscriptions, amount, time for purchases and offers that you take advantage of
  • We collect data about your unit and how you and your unit interact with Tidaholmsvagnar and our products. For example, we collect product usage information, which means that we collect data about the features you use, articles that you purchase and the websites you visit. These also include the settings you choose and the software configurations you use most
  • We also collect information about the device, connection and configuration, which means data about the device and the network that you use to connect to our Services. It may also include operating system information, IP address, device ID (for example, the IMEI number for phones), national settings, and language settings

We also collect information that you provide to us and the content of messages you send to us, such as feedback and reviews you write, or questions and information you provide for customer support. When you contact us, eg For customer support, phone calls or chat sessions with our representatives, the calls can be monitored and recorded.

Please note that if you request that we not contact you via email, we will keep a copy of that email address in our mailing checklist to ensure that you do not receive unwanted email.

The product-specific sections under the heading "Additional Optional Services" below describe the data collection procedures that are used for the use of these services.

3. How we use personal information
We use information that we collect about our customers and users for four main reasons:

  • to conduct our business, fulfill legal obligations and to provide (including improve and customize) the services and products we provide
  • to provide personalized services uniquely tailored to individual users
  • to send communications, including campaigns to our users
  • to promote services and display advertising, in our own services and websites supported by advertising such as Facebook

For these reasons, we combine data that we collect to give you a smoother, more consistent and personalized experience. To improve the protection of your privacy, we have built in technical and organizational protections designed to prevent certain combinations of data.

We use data to provide and improve the products we offer and perform the necessary business actions. This includes managing the products, maintaining and improving the performance of the products, developing new features, conducting research and providing customer support. Examples of such uses include the following:

  • We use information to carry out your purchases with us and to provide you with our products and services such as subscriptions, prizes, events and courses
  • We use information to provide support and support services to you so that you can utilize our products and services
  • We use data to improve our existing products and services, including by updating features. For example, we use bug reports to improve security features, user behavior, search queries and clicks on our web page to improve relevance to search results, usage data to determine which new features to prioritize, web page content, and placement of relevant content for you on our web site
  • We use data to protect the security of our products, services and customers to detect and prevent fraud and to resolve disputes and enforce our agreements. We may also block delivery of a message or remove the content if it violates our terms

We use data to communicate with you. For example, we can contact you by email, phone, or other means to notify you when a subscription is about to expire, remind you of items left in your shopping cart, update you about a support case, inform you about that you need to take action to keep your account active, or tell us about an offer that may be of interest to you. Learn more about managing your contact information, email subscriptions, and promotional messages in the How to access and control your personal information section of this data protection policy.

Our website uses a tool called the Facebook pixel provided by Facebook. This tool allows us to show better ads for you on Facebook based on your behavior on our website. This only applies if you are a Facebook user and have given Facebook permission to show better ads for you.

You can revoke this permission at any time, and you do so on Facebook under Settings in your personal account. Look further down how you do.

The Facebook pixel shares data about your behavior on our website (which URLs you visit) and is stored by Facebook. We as marketers on Facebook, and other marketers on Facebook, can then build target groups for our respective ads, which to some extent use the pixel data to create the target group. Data cannot be linked to you as an individual. In addition to the pixel data, other data about your behavior is used on Facebook. Read Facebook's data policy for you as a user here: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/update

The reason we use the Facebook pixel is to be able to present better ads to you on Facebook.

To turn off ads based on data about your behavior on Facebook and on other websites and the Facebook pixel, do the following:
Go to Settings on your Facebook account. Next, click Ads in the menu, then Ads Settings.

Change the setting from "Allowed" to "Disallowed" for Ads based on partner data, as well as Ads based on your activity in Facebook companies products that you see elsewhere. Direct link to Your ad settings: https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences/?entry_product=ad_settings_screen

Google Ads Tag
Our website uses a tool called Google Ads Tag. This tool allows us to serve customized ads to you within Google's advertising network based on your behavior on our website. This only applies if you visit other websites that show their visitors ads through Google's ad network.

Google Ads Tag shares data with Google about your behavior on our website (such as which URLs you visit) and is stored by Google. We, as a marketer, can then create audiences for our ads on the Google ad network and display ads to you on websites that use Google's ad network to serve their visitors ads.

The reason we use Google Ads Tag is to be able to present better ads to you on websites that use Google's advertising network, such as ads for one of our products.

Google uses cookie data to serve you better ads when you visit websites that use Google's advertising network. You can read more about how Google Advertising works here: https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads?hl=sv

För att stänga av annonser inom Google’s tjänster (t.ex. Sök och YouTube) som är baserad på data som skickas via Google Ads Tag kan du besöka denna länk och stänga av funktionen Personliga annonspreferenser: https://adssettings.google.com

To turn off ads for other websites and apps that use Google advertising services, please visit this link: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/se/dina-val

If we intend to use personal data for a new purpose, in addition to what is described in this policy, you will be informed of such use before, or in connection with the collection of personal data and we will ask for your consent where required. Alternatively, we will ask for your permission and / or consent after such collection has been done, but before your personal data would be used for a new purpose.

4. Reasons why we share your personal information
It may sometimes be necessary for us to share your information with companies that perform services on our behalf so that we can deliver the services and products to you that you ordered.

We also share information with companies such as Facebook (via a tool called Facebook Pixel) and Google with the goal of improving our advertising and measuring conversions. You can read more about the Facebook pixel here: https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-ads-pixelIf you want to change your Facebook ad settings, you can adjust it here: https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences/?entry_product=ad_settings_screen. You can also read more under the heading Facebook pixel in this text.

In cases where we share information about you with others, we have ensured that these companies comply with our data protection requirements and are not allowed to use personal information they receive for any other purpose.

For example, we share your personal information if it is necessary to complete a transaction or to provide a product or service that you have requested or approved, or where we have your consent. For example, we share your payment information you provide for a purchase with banks and other institutions that process payment transactions or provide other financial services, as well as to prevent fraud and reduce credit card risks.

We also share information with companies we have hired to provide customer service support or assistance in protecting and securing our systems and services in the event that they need access to personal data in order to provide these services. We may also disclose personal data as part of a joint transaction, such as a merger or sale of assets.

Finally, we may need to disclose or save your information when we believe it is necessary to:

  • comply with the law or legal process and provide information to police and other competent authorities
  • protect our customers, for example, to prevent spam or fraudulent attempts, or to facilitate the prevention of death or serious injury
  • manage and maintain the security of our products, including preventing or stopping an attack on our systems or networks
  • protect the rights or property of Tidaholmswagen, including enforcing the terms governing your use of the Services, but if we receive information that someone is using our services to trade in stolen intellectual or physical property belonging to Tidaholmswagen, we will not investigate a customer's private content, but we can then transfer the case to a police authority

5. How to access and control your personal information
You can view, edit and delete your personal data for our products and services, by contacting our customer service or, where applicable, directly in the product or service you use. You can also make choices regarding the collection and use of your data by Tidaholmswagen. How you access or control your personal information depends on the products and services you use.

You can read more about your rights at https://www.tidaholmsvagnar.se/rattigheter. We respond to requests for your rights as access or deletion of your personal data within 30 days.

Your communication settings
You can choose whether you want to receive promotional messages from Tidaholmsvagnar via email, SMS, regular mail and telephone. If you receive promotional messages via e-mail or SMS from us and wish to unsubscribe from them, you can do so by following the instructions in the message.

You can change your communication settings for Tidaholmsvagnar by contacting us at https://www.tidaholmsvagnar.se/kontakt.

Your advertising preferences
If you choose to refrain from receiving interest-based advertising, it does not mean that you will no longer see advertising on our website, but that the advertising displayed will not be tailor-made for you and therefore will be perceived as less relevant. To the extent that the information used for interest-based advertising is also used for other necessary purposes (including providing our products, analyzes and fraud detection), the collection of such information will not cease if you unsubscribe from interest-based advertising.

Browser-based controls

  • Cookie controls. Relevant browser-based cookie controls are described in our Cookie Policy
  • Tracking Protection. Some browsers have a feature called Tracking Protection that blocks third-party content, including cookies, from all websites you add to the Tracking Protection list. By restricting calls to these sites, the browser restricts the information that these third-party sites may collect about you

6. Your Individual Rights
Tidaholmsvagnar follows current data protection laws in the European Union, which, if applicable, include the following rights:

  • If processing of personal data is based on your consent, you have the right at any time to withdraw your consent for future processing of personal data
  • You have the right to request a free copy of the register (as defined in the legislation) as well as access to a copy of your personal data, request correction and, in certain circumstances, deletion of your personal data.
  • You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data.
    You have the right to request that we hand over your personal data to another organization responsible for processing your personal data (data controller) in cases where our right to process your personal data is based either on your consent or the conclusion of an agreement with you
  • You have the right to file a complaint with a data protection authority. The Data Inspectorate is the authority in Sweden that exercises supervision over how we as a company comply with the legislation.

When we process your personal data, we do so on a need-to-know basis in order to be able to offer the products you use, run our business, fulfill our contractual and legal obligations, protect our systems and customers, or fulfill other legitimate interests as described in the sections How we use personal data. and Reasons why we share your personal information above, or where required, with your consent. When we transfer personal data from the European Union and / or the European Economic Area, we do so based on a number of legal mechanisms, as described in the section Where we store and process personal data below.

7. Security of your personal data
We use a variety of security techniques and methods to protect your personal information from:

  • Accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration
  • Unauthorized clearance of
  • Unauthorized access, use and disclosure

For example, personal data is stored in computer systems that have limited access and are located in protected premises. When transmitting highly sensitive data (such as credit card numbers and passwords) over the Internet, we protect these data with encryption.

8. Where we store and process personal data
Personal data collected by us can be stored and processed mainly in the region where you live, in Sweden, or in other countries where we, or suppliers operate. The storage locations are chosen with the intention of operating efficiently, improving performance and creating redundancy in order to protect data if power outages or other problems should occur. We take steps to ensure that information that we collect under this Personal Data Policy is processed in accordance with the provisions of this policy and in accordance with applicable law where the information is located.

If we were to transfer your personal data to a third country, i.e. countries outside the EU / EEA we will enter into agreements and take other measures in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

9. Our preservation of personal data
We retain personal data for as long as it is necessary to provide the products and services, to fulfill the transactions you have requested and approved, or for other necessary purposes, such as to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements. Because these needs may vary for different types of data and for different types of products, services and contexts, actual conservation periods may vary. Criteria that determine the time for how long we store data are, for example:

How long is the personal data needed to provide the products and services?
This includes maintaining and improving the performance of existing products and services, protecting our systems and managing necessary business and accounting information. This is the general rule that underlies most conservation periods.

Are personal data of extra sensitive type?
In this case, a shorter conservation period is usually used.

Have Tidasholmsvagnar adopted and informed about a specific preservation period for a certain type of data?
For example, for information relating to an online behavior, we identify this information by deleting the entire IP address when collecting the information, and the cookie IDs and other identifiers are removed after the time specified in the current cookie policy.
Where applicable, purchase history is used as a basis for interest-based marketing for twelve months from its inception, after which this use ceases.
We store customer data about our customers for a period of 24 months from the end of our customer relationship, or the earlier time when the customer chooses to close his account at Tidsaholmsvagnar and / or ask to have his personal data deleted.

Have users approved the use of a longer retention period?
In that case, we store the information in accordance with your condition.

Are Tidaholmsvagnar legally, contractually or otherwise obliged to store the information?
Examples may be mandatory legislation on the retention of information in certain jurisdictions, government decisions to retain information relevant to investigations, or information that must be retained in order to resolve a dispute.
Your personal data will be deleted or anonymized when they are no longer relevant to the purposes for which they have been collected. We mainly use anonymous data that does not consist of personal data when analyzing customer insights, trends, etc. as specified in the section How we use personal data..

10 Changes to this Privacy Policy
We will update our data protection policy when needed to reflect customer feedback and changes to our services. When a policy is updated, the date of the last update changes at the top of the policy and the changes are described at the bottom of the page under Change History, whereupon the changes take effect.

If major changes are made to the policy or how we at Tidaholmsvagnar use your personal information, you will be notified via appropriations on the website or e-mail before the changes come into force where required by law. Please read this Privacy Policy from time to time and you will be kept informed of how we at Tidaholmsvagnar protect your personal data and your privacy.

11. Contact us
If you have any questions regarding your personal information, complaint or question to our Data Protection Representative, please contact us using the following contact information.

Tidaholmsvagnar Acklinga Gård
Att: Registeransvarig
522 93 Tidaholm
E-mail address: registeransvarig@tidaholmsvagnar.se
Org. No. 700325-5994

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