214 Para carriage - 8

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214 Para carriage - 8 to B-C-D pony and horse. Para carriage with space for 8 people.

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214 Para carriage - 8 to B-C-D pony and horse

Para carriage with space for 8 people. The carriage has a wider body so that wheelchairs can fit in. The carriage design enable a person with a disability the possibility to drive by himself.


  • V-front
  • Front seat for two people with a singel leaning seat
  • Disc brakes at the rear
  • Rubber torsion = separate wheel suspension
  • Additional footsteps and steps to front wagon
  • Swingle tree
  • Gigg shafts or Ring shafts
  • Air wheels or hard rubber wheels

Color: Almost all RAL colors

Weight: From 190 kg + shafts

The groove width is 150 - 160 cm.

214 Para carriage - 8 is available in various designs and can be equipped with:

  • Front for pair with pool support and swingle trees
  • T-pool
  • Leaf suspension instead of torsional suspension
  • Extra shafts attachment
  • Extra Ring shafts
  • Extra Gigg shafts
  • Work harness shafts
  • Two loose ramps each with a length of 180 cm

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