216 Push carriage for B-C-D pony and horse

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216 Push carriage for B-C-D pony and horse

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216 Push carriage for B-C-D pony and horse

A low entrance makes it easy to get in and out of the carriage

The carriage is built and equipped with the best for both the horse and the rider

Swedish-made carriage makes parts etc. can be delivered quickly.

The carriage can easily modified according to the needs of the disabled person

See below.


  • Disc brakes front and rear. (press on all 4 wheels)
  • Rubber suspension, provides good comfort
  • Car handling
  • Pressure watch for control of the braking action easily visible on the front arch
  • Adjustable brake pressure with steering wheel, easily accessible from the bush
  • Upholstered seat with backrest and armrest / side support for extra safety
  • The seat is removable for the best leg length
  • Singel leaning seat for a better position
  • Protective arch forward, less risk of falling forward if quickly stopped
  • Feet protection with mesh
  • Rear guard bow with net and bracket for extra bow for companion horse
  • Smaller ballast rear ballast

Color: Almost all RAL colors

Weight: From 160 kg + links

The groove width is 140 - 155 cm.

216 Push carriage is available in various versions and can be equipped with:

  • Leaf suspension under the seat for best comfort
  • It is also possible to mount a smaller rear seat or a permanent seat during manufacturing
  • Detachable bow for companion horse
  • Adjustable links on the length
  • Stretch shackles or chest strap shackles with swivel
  • Shackles bent to provide great freedom of movement for the horse

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